Current Research Activities and Significant Public Service

          Staffs and students at the Faculty of Veterinary Science perform both basic and applied research in a number of areas of biomedical and veterinary science.  The FVS not only continues to be the country’s leader in wildlife research which has gained much of international recognition, but currently is one of the major participants in solving the avian influenza crisis.  The Monitoring and Surveillance Center for zoonotic diseases in wildlife and exotic animals, established in 2004, is aimed to help reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission from wild and exotic animals to domestic animals; and hopefully from animals to human.  Although the Center’s first mission has focused on the spread of avian influenza, other zoonoses such as West Nile and Japanese Encephalomyelitis will soon be investigated.


          Our collaboration with Thailand-Department of Natural Parks and Wildlife and National Zoo Organization has extended our research to cover the forensic study in wildlife as well. The Center or Animal Welfare Study at the Faculty operates to convince Thai society of awareness for animal welfare by various means such as training, education and research in animal welfare in Thailand and neighboring countries.  In the near future, the FVS plans to be a training center and provides both residency programs and graduate courses in laboratory animal science and medicine. 



          The FVS will also offer itself as a hub in monitoring and performing the risk assessment concerning the antibiotic drug residues in animal-derived food and related issues in food safety. In addition, with the support from Thailand Research Fund and the Commission on Higher Education of the Royal Thai Government, the VS faculties have conducted basic and applied clinical research projects to enhance our better understanding in livestock management and medicine.  Research projects involving in vitro drug testing and animal behavior are also carried out with the support from the overseas organizations.



Reserch Activities
The Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University is fulled of supporting laboratories which provided the variety of research activities including ...

Emerging disease: Avian Influenza (AI), i.e. H5N1

Zoonosis: T. gondii, Hepatitis E, Japanese Encephalitis, Streptococcus suis

Food hygiene: Salmonella spp. and E. coli

Ruminant: Reproduction, Endocrinology, Nutrition, Meat and Milk quality

Swine: Reproduction, Freezing semen, Medicine

Fish (besides fish diseases) : Herbal treatment for parasite, Herbal for anesthesia

Environmental toxicology: Cadmium and lead contamination

Cancer research: Mammary gland tumor in dog

Wildlife research: FIP and FeLV in Tiger, T. gondii in Tiger, Diseases in Elephantaa