Club                                                              Activities

Rabies Club

Head : Rujira Patinyawiboon
Consult : Dr.Witthawat Wiriyarat

i.  To educate MUVS students on rabies and how to prevent it, including to provide services  for anti-rabies vaccination program for pet animals in Sala Ya campus.

ii. To provide anti-rabies vaccination program for pet animals in Sala Ya community

Salaya Dogs Rescue Club

Head : Nawarat Prapaiwan
Consult : Dr.Somsak Wattananit

i.  To alleviate strayed dogs in Sala Ya community, providing new homes and competent raisers for them

ii. To have the targeted strayed dogs sterile.

Good Dog Club

Head : Nopparat Rattanachan
Consult : Dr.Maturawan Tunhikorn

i.  Project of training to be good dogs, being obedient to their owners

ii. Offering certificate of recognition for good dogs to their owners after completion of the short course training   to be good dogs.

Fish Club

Head : Disphong Pilawan
Consult : Dr.Wanna Sirimanapong

i.  Nature conservation excursion nationwide

ii. Offering short course training for members on how to culture ornamental fishes

Vet Training Club
Head : Pimsiri Chanapai
Consult : Dr.Dulyatad Gronsang

i.  To urge MUVS students to gain more extracurricular internship skills for veterinary profession

Wildlife Club
Head : Pailin Jaksriporn
Consult : Dr.Roschong Boonyarittichaikij

i.  Escort MUVS students to study behaviors of wildlife animals nationwide


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