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The Faculty of Veterinary Science of Mahidol University was established since 1996 and had been developing for the institute of high quality, potential, and efficiency based on the concept of One Medicine to One Health in which interweave the discipline of medical science and veterinary science and others to the extreme advantages to human, animals, and environment.

Currently, the Faculty of Veterinary Science offers the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Programme, a Thai program, and international graduate study programs; Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Science, Mater of Science in Veterinary Science, and Graduate Diploma in Clinical Veterinary Science.


To Integrate Veterinary Knowledge and Other Sciences on the One Health Approach for Human and Animal Welfare, and the Environment


To be an International Leader and Produce Innovation in Veterinary Education,  Research and Clinical Practice


To Excel in Teaching, Research, and Services in Veterinary Sciences through Innovation with Professional Ethics for the Benefit of Society 

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